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we are all figs here

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just a figman doing figman things


Hello there!

Well, if you are here, it must be because you want to find out a few things about me.

Well, in short I am a gem, and in long I am a gremlingeodes.

Thats about it really.

Thanks for coming!
Hall Of Quotes

"You set your role as Father Figure? How did you even do that?" - Nate

"fig you are like indiana jones; was he an archeologist?" - chi

"I just believe you are on a different schedule then most of the world- but that's not bad. 3 am is 3 pm, as long as it works for you." - quilly


Hannibal Tv series, Coffee, Tea, Cocoa, Mint Chocolate, Art, Writing


Full-time Coffee-Overlord and College Student



What about the chicken, Jack?
— David Letterman