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Do you have peaches??

hello! my name is Momo {not the creepy Momo, this Momo}, and i'm {almost} thirteen years old!

i've been writing poetry for about four years now, and enjoyed every day of it. poetry is such a great way to vent about things and turn your pain into something beautiful. something that others can relate to that helps them as well as you. i just love poetry so so much!

i occasionally write short stories that are more like flash fictions because length is not something i do. my favorite genre is fantasy because you write and create anything you want, and no one can argue with you.

i am a dancer! i've been dancing since the long-ago year of two-thousand thirteen, which was eight years ago @_@ i started with just ballet, but then went into tap and theater, then hip hop and lyrical and contemperary! then i did nutcracker and was clara sdhfgakjdshgf wow i have come such a long way! then that same year {which was this year, 2021}, i got pointe shoes and now i'm doing two solos on pointe for our recital. YIKES

umm i can't really think of anything else, but if you have any questions, feel free to PM me or post on my wall! bye for now! <3

{i was featured member dec. sixteenth-thirtieth of twenty twenty.}


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