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I'm thirteen years old, I was born in Saginal, MI, but I was raised in Clinton, IA and that is where my heart will always belong, I currently reside in a very rural part of Vestuburg, MI.
I love life, but yet I'm not scared of losing mine. I only say that because I have lost so much in my life. So much that there isn't a day that goes by where I don't think about ending my life.
I am told every day that I am nothing but a fly on the wall.
I love my family, my friends, and life. But I will never ever take my own life no matter how temping it is because I know that there is a girl some where out there that I will fall in love with and she will change my whole world.


I enjoy reading fantasy, fantasy romance, and fantasy action.



This report, by its very length, defends itself against the risk of being read.
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