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  • It's done and sent! :) Submitted Profile Name "Nickname (if any)" Surname Neilan "Neil" Vatik Age: 36 Gender: Male Appearance: He has brown eyes, ginger hair (few grey), and a ...

    Aug 9, 2016

  • Writing Olympics 2016
    Re: Event 4: Sentimental Stories

    Regret He gives me a glass of water and sits back in his chair, playing on his phone. Time flies, doesn't it? It's a shame I realised it now. His ...

    Aug 8, 2016

  • Writing Olympics 2016
    Re: Event 3: Six Word Short Stories

    "You're . . . I'm not into you, sorry."

    Aug 7, 2016

  • I'm the Evil Queen from Snow White. Lol.

    Aug 6, 2016

  • Will Review For Food
    Re: I want to read your novel!

    Hello! I'd love it if you could review one of my short stories: 1. 2. Thank you!

    Nov 19, 2015

  • A friend on YWS calls me birdy and I'm an artistic person. I combined both elements and I got "artybirdy".

    Nov 15, 2015

  • Haha. Congrats, @Chaser. You certainly deserved it. :D

    Oct 27, 2015

  • Or when you can type without looking at the keyboard. My sister hates it when I do that. She finds it "too freaky". xD

    Sep 23, 2015

  • Congrats! :D

    Sep 11, 2015

  • Randomosity Archive
    Re: Coffee vs. Tea


    Sep 9, 2015

  • Will Review For Food
    Re: +1's Fab Reviews

    Hello, @1morestupidlovesong! I'd like an honest on these poems. You can do one or both, I don't mind. 1. - I have recieved a positive response thus far, but I ...

    Sep 9, 2015

  • Will Review For Food
    Re: Step Right This Way!

    @Meandbooks, I read one of your reviews and you mentioned you're looking for things to, well, review. I have requested a review from you before. If you're unable to accept ...

    Sep 8, 2015

  • Writers Corner
    Re: First Chapter

    @Arkhaion Thank you for your response! It sets up the contrast in their personalities and to, basically, establish their characters, e.g. their goal in life, their beliefs, etc. The main ...

    Sep 6, 2015

  • Writers Corner
    Re: First Chapter

    My first chapter introduces both of my main characters and shows their contrasting personalities. If you had a choice, would you read something like that or skip it because it's ...

    Sep 6, 2015

  • Hello, there! Welcome to YWS. I’d definitely encourage you to post your book here, chapter-by-chapter, for in-depth constructive criticism or feedback. It’ll massively improve your writing skills.

    Sep 5, 2015

Books give a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything
— Plato