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  • Poetry » Culture, Dramatic
    Re: Tellecolour Reality.

    Far out, I love your vocabulary. I could almost see this as a rap piece - I was reading it like a rap in my head anyway. You have used ...

    Mar 23, 2024

  • Poetry » Romantic, Other
    Re: Dear blue eyes

    Blue eyes are honestly something to behold - I love the line "He says they're like a bolt of lightning," it's a brilliant simile that isn't one of the cliches ...

    Mar 23, 2024

  • Poetry » Lyrical, Other
    Re: Legacy of Strife

    Wow this is amazing, I almost applauded to my computer! Your rhyming is on point as is the choice of words to describe the conflict inherited from your parents. This ...

    Jan 22, 2024

  • Poetry » Narrative, General
    Re: crave

    I love the choice of words in this piece, to some they would appear unnecessarily complex but to me it ties in so well with the scene, the beautiful world ...

    Jan 22, 2024

  • Poetry » Supernatural, Spiritual
    Re: Words from Beyond The Grave.

    Wow. How very powerful. This piece certainly gets you thinking, for nobody ever considers the fact that the reaper himself cannot die, and exists eternally to help the dead move ...

    Jan 11, 2024

  • Poetry » Dramatic, Literature
    Re: The Difference Between You and a Poem

    Girl, you are so brave. The way you can write a poem and expose the most raw and hurt parts of your soul in writing is an incredible feat. I ...

    Jan 11, 2024

  • Poetry » General, General
    Re: Fish In The Water

    This is a fresh perspective on the term that is often thrust into our faces by eager thrill-seekers; "get out of your comfort zone!" It is called the 'comfort' zone ...

    Jan 9, 2024

  • Poetry » Dramatic, General
    Re: Me.

    This is such a powerful piece. The struggle to love oneself in this ever judgemental world is a battle we have to fight every day. We are told to look ...

    Jan 9, 2024

  • Article / Essay » Realistic, General
    Re: Hello, Goodbye.

    This is on the shorter side but tells a lifetime of stories. The casual talk between Jake and his grandfather before Jake ended his life spoke more volumes and trigged ...

    Jan 9, 2024

I tell the neophyte: Write a million words–the absolute best you can write, then throw it all away and bravely turn your back on what you have written. At that point, you’re ready to begin.
— David Eddings