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(Current background image is a watercolor painting by me!)

Hi! I'm alliyah, the "a" is lower-cased purely for poetic-aesthetic. ;) Here's what I'd like you to know about me:

1) I didn't join YWS thinking that I would enjoy writing this much or stick around very long.
I found YWS because my sister (tgirly, the "real" writer in the family) had joined and I was desperate to read what she was writing. I'd log on to YWS to hang out with her and read her works, and along the way I got hooked - and even fell in love with reviewing and writing poetry. I am very thankful to be part of this community and have met some terrific writers and friends through this site as well as received an abundant amount of encouragement in my own writing. Though throughout the years many friends have floated away, I am grateful to have shared this same slice of the internet together. If you stick around here long enough, I can promise that YWS will impact you in some way - it certainly has impacted me.

2) I'm one of the YWS site Moderators!
* I became a Junior Moderator for Poetry Crew on January 30, 2017.
* And I became a Global Moderator on February 27, 2019.
* I currently am a co-crew leader of both the Poetry Crew mod team & the Resource / Community Crew mod team!
If you need help finding your way around the site, or run into an issue that you'd like moderator assistance with, please feel free to reach out.

3) On YWS I'm involved in quite a bit - but here's some of my favorites...
* I joined Squills in March 2018 and have written 150+ articles, currently I'm a co-editor.
* I'm a member of the Knights of the Green Room where I serve as the Court Magician (and help people get their hard-earned badges!)
* I love the color dark cyan - this isn't strictly site related, but it is important for you to know.
* I am an avid supporter of TheEgg and the Unclassified Movement on YWS.
* I was instrumental in convincing Nate to add the "chicken genre" in the Literary Center which is undoubtedly my most important contribution to the site. And anywhere that chickens are mentioned, I am not far behind.

4) I love to write! (especially poetry!)
I participate in NaPo every year and since 2021, I have been a co-editor of COOP zine along with Rook which was actually an idea that got started on YWS too (read & submit here: https://coopzine.wordpress.com). I have had a few pieces of non-fiction and fiction published, including a few poems in books (pictured above!) My current writing project is a chapbook on the months of the year.

5) I'm a Christian!
I love Jesus and love studying scripture. I have a Bachelors and two Masters degrees in religious studies and lead a local Christian non-profit. Most of my writing that doesn't make it on the site is devotional or theological writing. On YWS I am part of the Followers of Christ club. I am a sinner redeemed, saved, and freed in God's grace!

6) Finally, I want you to know that I am a time traveler.
Interpret this information how you see fit.

Spoiler! :
Now I would like to provide you with my opinions and thoughts on a variety of subjects. Which is probably not what you thought you were getting into when you clicked the spoiler.

1. Is Time Travel Possible? Yes
2. Who is my favorite poet? Robert Frost
3. What was my only post on the site forums in all of 2015? right here
4. What is #classified? a conspiracy movement against YWS
5. how do I pronounce "alliyah?" -> listen here

Bonus endorsements in case you should need them:

Some twenty years from now, users will ask a similar question about world famous Chicken poetry and Google will tell them about alliyah. - Hkumar

alliyah. I heard she's an artistic goblin summoner who has an army of chickens. A few magic words, and a chicken appears in her arms. - Carina

alliyah's dedication to weasels is truly inspiring. the weasels have found a true friend and ally. they still have nothing to do with any of my riddles or ciphers, but I am impressed by this dedication. - BluesClues Link to original comment

The dark cyan code should be changed to [alliyah] [/alliyah] instead of [color=darkcyan] [/ color] - Lib Link to original comment

you simultaneously have this very innocent and pure energy while also having a very ominous menacing energy at the same time. simultaneously capable of great good and great mischief - soundofmind Link to original comment

not all poems are written alliyah most are lived - fatherfig


People: Jesus, Leonardo daVinci, Martin Luther, Immanuel Kant, Howard Zehr, Madeleine L'Engle, Desmond Tutu, Gordan Ramsay Subjects: poetry, theology, philosophy, comparative religion, ethics, genealogy, Biblical study Hobbies: poetry, instruments (piano, ukulele, violin, guitar, autoharp), art, ancestry, journaling, crochet, list-making Preferred Conventions: lowercased letters, superfluous conjunctions, extra spaces when using forward slashes (ie. this / that)


I lead a local Christian non-profit organization, coordinating a variety of religious, educational, charitable, evangelistic, and community activities and services. I am also happily married as of May 2024.

i got called an enigma once so now i purposefully act obtuse
— chikara