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Greetings all,

I have been writing stories for nearly nine years now and i enjoy it. I am working on several stories at the moment and I find it hard to concentrate on one when I have ideas for another. Though I do have chapters written in all my stories what will most likely happen is that I will put up the prologue and first chapter up of each story and then pick one to fully finish out. At some point I hope to get these stories officially published some day. I certainly hope that everyone enjoys my stories and characters and if you have criticism all means shoot me a message I am always looking for way to improve my writing ability. Please enjoy yourself and I look forward to hearing from you. On another note to those that have become fans of my stories I deeply apologize about the lack of stories recently. I am actually working on seven or eight at once. Trying to focus on one has been rather difficult. I plan on posting the first chapter of each story up and letting all of you decide which one I am going to stick to.


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