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  • Short Story » Horror, Mystery / Suspense
    Re: Revenge

    Good morning, slubbs24! I know that greeting may only apply to me, but I didn't want to make it more complicated while also not being too vague. Anyways, I decided ...

    Jun 2, 2021

  • Novel / Chapter » Action / Adventure, Mystery / Suspense
    Re: Enemies in crime. Chapter Three 2.4

    Hello LadyMysterio! Decided to drop by and read your chapter. I really liked this so I decided to review it. Hopefully, this can be of any use to you. Without ...

    Mar 30, 2021

  • Novel / Chapter » Fantasy, Narrative
    Re: Kagiso: Chapter 3

    Hello, AyumiGosu17, hope you're having a great day! I just wanna say that this chapter got me interested in the book, but it seems you haven't uploaded chapter 4. But ...

    Jan 30, 2021

  • Novel / Chapter » Realistic, Teen Fiction
    Re: Story Of My Life (Working Title, Prologue, Work In Progress)

    Hello galaxygem, here to review! I see this is for school, so I'm guessing a project or assignment for English..? But I will say that's awesome that you wanted to ...

    Oct 6, 2020

  • Novel / Chapter » Fantasy, Narrative
    Re: (WIP Title)- Prologue pt.1

    Hello ThePatchworkPilgrims! I saw you put 'high-fantasy' in the description and decided I will go check it out. One thing I will say is you surprised me with a lot ...

    Sep 16, 2020

  • Poetry » Narrative, Fantasy
    Re: Medieval Story

    Hello Buranko, here to review! I mostly stick to short stories or fiction in general, but this poem kind of has that same feeling. It looks interesting as well, so, ...

    Sep 11, 2020

  • Novel / Chapter » Fantasy, Action / Adventure
    Re: Extra Chronicle 1: The Sword and Servent

    Hello, Lezuli, here to review! Finally got over to reading the next chapter - or wait, would it be the first chapter of another series? I mean, chapter 6 didn't ...

    Sep 9, 2020

  • Novel / Chapter » Romantic, Teen Fiction
    Re: Gray Daze, Chapter Two; Back to School

    Hello DavidFoxx! Thought I'd review this second chapter. I have to warn you that I haven't read the first chapter, though, because you took it down for edits. So I ...

    Sep 9, 2020

  • Novel / Chapter » General, General
    Re: Smoke and Dust 16 - New arrival

    Hello, Willow, back again for another review. This novel has gone farther than I expected, which is decided by the other newer novels that I read. They're good and at, ...

    Sep 7, 2020

  • Novel / Chapter » General, General
    Re: Smoke and dust 15

    Hello Willow, back again for another review! Let me just say I'm still trying to process what just happened last chapter. I mean, it wasn't that big of a deal, ...

    Sep 6, 2020

  • Novel / Chapter » General, General
    Re: Smoke and dust 14

    Hello Willow, I forgot it was chapter fourteen. I haven't reviewed all of your fourteen chapters, though. But I've been reading a ton of them, and this one is just... ...

    Sep 5, 2020

  • Novel / Chapter » General, General
    Re: Clown Case 1 - intro

    Hello Willow, hope you're having a good day wherever you are! I decided to stop by another story of yours. And sure enough, this didn't disappoint. But I'm a little ...

    Sep 3, 2020

  • Novel / Chapter » General, General
    Re: Smoke and dust 13 (edited)

    Hello Willow once again! I'm here to review yet another chapter of this exciting novel. I actually don't know how I got this far. Last I remember I was, like, ...

    Sep 2, 2020

  • Novel / Chapter » Science Fiction, General
    Re: Present Tense

    Hello Sabina, I'm here to review your story! There was a lot going on here, a little too much. I got confused since the beginning. Who's Aela and who is ...

    Sep 1, 2020

  • Novel / Chapter » Supernatural, Teen Fiction
    Re: Neighborhood Tales: The Tale of a Hedgehog (Chapters 1 and 2)

    Hello and belated welcome to YWS, MaxaM.M! I hope you're enjoying it here as much as I am. I am going to have to be fast because online class starts ...

    Aug 20, 2020

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