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I'm starting to regret my decision to name myself Wariofart

Updated 2013: It's really time I updated this. I'm 18 and becoming a more serious writer, and hope to study creative writing in college. I got a short story published online as honorable mention for a local magazine (and $25 in the bank!), and I dream of one day having a script I write produced on screen.
Other than that, I still love drama and video games, and being horribly sarcastic.
My favorite shows are Avatar: The Last Airbender, Brothers & Sisters, Futurama, Parks and Recreation, Teen Wolf, and Sherlock. And the list just keeps growing.
Let's write!

[Keeping this for memory sake]
I'm 16, and a casual writer. Recently, I've started to write more, so please look forward to that! I haven't published anything, unless you count a church booklet publishing. But one day I hope that I can publish a book!
Suzanne Collins is my favorite author, I love all her books. I usually like to read manga, or action/fantasy books. The show LOST is an inspiration to me as well.
In my free time I act in my school drama program, play video games, post YouTube videos and review other peoples writing.


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Your presence can give happiness. I hope you remember that.
— Jin, BTS