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    Prologue to an Untitled Book

    The fortress of Kroan stood like a bleak beacon against the sky. It reeked with night, wind, and rain on a cliff. Three hundred feet below the Malistraan Ocean pounded ...
    Jun 4, 2005
  • Article / Essay » Review

    Anyone read it? I am currently in the middle of it. It's really good.
    Jun 4, 2005
  • Novel / Chapter » Fantasy
    Prologue- The Scrying Pool

    First off, an explanation. I haven't written anything, really, in about two months. That other prologue I did was all done on-line. It kinda got my creative juices running again, ...
    Jun 6, 2005
  • Article / Essay » Review
    "Bloody Jack" by LA Meyer

    Anybody read it?
    Jun 19, 2005

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