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  • I'm sorry I so rudely replied to your review on Googlebot's poem. However, I do think some of your reviews are unnecessarily harsh. People don't like to see their works trashed. They dislike someone who dislikes their work. And I know you are a person who critiques big, but don't do it mean. Don't say something is hopeless--reviews are for works like that! Maybe instead of making someone feel a bit bad, try to gently help them.

    Don't think I'm all mad at you. I know you can be a wonderful reviewer. I know you are a great author, too. Use that experience to review someone else's works instead of stating it hopeless. You are a truly wonderful person!

  • I'd like to see some of your work. Just because maybe you're an incredible poet/writer in disguise and you're critiquing our's so harshly because you genuinely think you could write something better. Maybe you CAN!

  • Welcome to YWS! I hope to see some of your works being posted :D

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— Mark Twain