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Despite me being young and Christian, my life has been rougher than you might think. Let me begin; I was born in a small town in New Hampshire during Summer 03. As soon as I came out, there was a problem; I was dead. I was only dead for a few seconds though, thank God. Until I could show any behavioral signs, I seemed like a pretty normal kid. At age 3, people started to think I had Autism. My parents didn't believe nor wanted to believe that I did, so they took my to a child Psychologist. The Psychologist also told them that I had ADHD, so , they believed that instead of me having Autism. I was put on Guanfacine and Prozac -which I still take today- at age 5. I was bullied throughout elementary school and a little to this day. They finally figured out that I had Autism when I was in sixth grade. Finally! an official diagnosis! But by this time, I also had Depression and Anxiety Disorder. Autism, Depression, and Anxiety DO NOT make a good mix. Things only got worse when I got into 7th Grade, see, the town that I live in does not have a very good special ed system and I was already on an IEP and had been taking special ed classes for 2-3 years. I was thinking that 7th grade could be better...WRONG! As soon as I started showing signs of the Autism that I had -the sensory thing to be specific- They sent me to a building across the street to go to school, called The Academy. The Academy is a separated building for the special ed students. There was a lady there that I knew from 1st grade that I clicked with. She and a man that I call "Mentor" where what got my through 7th grade. It wasn't until this January that I was saved by Jesus. Now, I had been a Christian for my whole life but it had never become my passion to serve Jesus until I was saved. I made a couple more Mentors' this year to help me through as well. Things are a lot better, beside the fact that I don't do much/any school work. But me and Jesus can work on that together. Thank you for reading my biography! God Bless!


Jesus, Bible Study, Writing, Reading, Singing, Music, Animals, Ethology, Photography, Psychology, Astronomy, History, and Classical Arts.


Serving Jesus

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