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Hey, I'm Maddie,
I'm now 20 years old and the creator of "Blog of an Anime Artist", as well as:
Racing 4 Destiny
Hell's Angel
Gugen Trials
Project Kousei
Reflecting Lovers
Dimension Kingdom
Two Sides
Scarlet Secrets
Fish Tales
A Short Tale of Fancy
Jock and the Nerd
The Author
Mortal Wings

My favorite things include drawing, writing, singing, Horses, day-dreaming, that one police video show, Bar Rescue, eating, hanging out with friends, hip hop and ballroom dancing, Exo, and GhostAdventures. I am post anime, but I promise you that I can still carry on a conversation on the topic. XD

I've been writing for 6 years, but only started uploading things on the internet about two years ago, and for some time had a good following on deviantART.

My style consists of 4 things: Romance, Comedy, Drama, and very relatable Characters.

My other favorite hobby is drawing, and combining writing with that, I hope to one day become a character designer and story boarder for either a Japanese cartoon company, Disney, or Dreamworks, or create my own manga, and later on have an anime created from that.

Though I may seem like a nerd, I promise I can be a lot of fun, so just drop me a message!


Drawing, Writing (duh), Singing, Theatre, Horseback Riding


College Student -_-


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