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  • Novel / Chapter » Realistic, Romantic
    Re: New Haven: Chapter 11: Somebody Who She Used To Know

    Hey! I hope you find this review helpful! First off, WOW amazing chapter! I absolutely loved this, especially since Eloise and Gabriel finally spoke to each other! Sure, Eloise still ...

    Jan 31, 2016

  • Novel / Chapter » Action / Adventure, General
    Re: TAM

    Hi I like your story, but there are a few things you need to work on. 1. "Oh" You use it a lot, and it disrupts the flow of the ...

    Jan 13, 2016

  • Novel / Chapter » Realistic, Teen Fiction
    Re: New Haven: Chapter 8: Kansas City

    Remy here! I really liked the how descriptive you are in this chapter. I also like how you alternate memories and present in your chapters. Ingenious! Anyway, down to business. ...

    Jan 12, 2016

  • Novel / Chapter » Supernatural, Humor
    Re: War of Legends-Chapter 1, The Beginning

    Remy020 reviewing! I like how you started Out your chapter. It is very engaging and made me want to read more. Also I like how you tell it. I've never ...

    Jan 12, 2016

  • Novel / Chapter » Action / Adventure, Teen Fiction
    Re: directions Chapter one

    Remy020 here! Time to review! I really like the idea, but it's A LOT like Divergent. Maybe that's what you were going for... A nice story to write for entertainment ...

    Jan 11, 2016

  • Novel / Chapter » Teen Fiction, Realistic
    Re: New Haven: Chapter 1: Waves

    Remy020 Reviewing! I think it was very good. The excitement in the first chapter makes you want to read the second chapter. It was so descriptive it was like I ...

    Jan 6, 2016

  • Poetry » General, Dramatic
    Re: Don't cry, my friend.

    Remy020 for a review! The message sent is clear and the poem is easy to understand, as we have all been in the shoes of the depressed friend. I loved ...

    Jan 4, 2016

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