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Hihi ^ ^ I'm Saundra, but you can call me Saundy. I'm 16 and living in South Carolina. I'm a budding writer- and it would mean so much to me if you would read some of what I've written and give me a bit of feedback. I love music, and can hardly go a day without it. Reading inspires me. I'm a very open, quirky, ADHD hyperactive, and funny smiley person that can be positively scary when serious. Rivaling my love of music, art, writing, and reading, is my love for animals. I have a half-crippled dog who is still going strong, two guinea pigs, Patches and Chatters (my babies ^ ^). I'm very friendly yet shy, and you never can tell what I might say or do next. Sometimes that MAY be reflected in my writing. I'm single and waiting for that special guy. If you read my writing and you feel a smile coming on or can't help but laugh- I take that as the ultimate compliment, as much so as if you get drawn into the suspenseful and twisting turning story plot. I aim to please, feel free to send me a message or talk to me any time ^ ^.

Likes?:The color BLUE ( all the weird pretty shades ^ ^), Strange/Unique names, Making people smile/laugh, MUSICS! (OH DAH MUSICS!), writing (well duh), and playing my instruments ^ ^(guitar and viola, lil bit of voice)

Dislikes: The color yellow(It's just.....long story), beeping/repetitive sounds (It's a quirk to the EXTREME....), mean/hurtful people (Stand BACK I tell yee >:( ) , backstabbers, Manipulaters (way worse than haters people, so BEWARE), and the two faced ^ ^

Movies?: Psh! Are you kidding?! I'm a nerd.....and that's just my response to make me feel better for not having a favorite movie....nyeh....

Books?:Harry Potter, Eragon, Percy Jackson, Wicked, Hunger Games, and anything else that I may or may not remember to add later.....

Shows?:Anime.,.....lots and lots of anime.....


Music (of almost all sorts ^ ^), Writing, Reading, Art, Playing Viola, Playing Guitar, Singing (jus a lil bit- way bad stagefright ><)


Being that crazy chick you'll see one day and go "What the heck is she doing....?"

'This must be Thursday,' said Arthur to himself, sinking low over his beer. 'I never could get the hang of Thursdays.'
— Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy