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  • Poetry » Narrative, Realistic
    Re: Sweater’s Holes

    I very much liked this! Nothing to complain about; all in all, I think this is a very gentle piece, and I feel like I can feel the element of ...

    Feb 25, 2022

  • Poetry » Humor, General
    Re: Fire Alarm

    I loved this poem with my whole chest. It's a little uncommon to catch me laughing out loud at a piece of writing, but I kept finding myself chuckling at ...

    Feb 25, 2022

  • Poetry » General, Other
    Re: Dusk is in these lights.

    Howdy!! Something I really like about this poem is the descriptiveness of it. I feel like I can perfectly imagine everything being described, and especially in this line: "That even ...

    Feb 25, 2022

  • Poetry » General, General
    Re: My mixed up feelings

    Heyo! First off, I really like how this is structured! It's a welcome change from what I usually see, and it's refreshing. Secondly, I think you did a great job ...

    Aug 1, 2021

  • Poetry » Realistic, Dramatic
    Re: You’re gone

    TW Implied Suicide This feels like a very somber piece. I like the subtly in which the topic of suicide was spoken about, because while this a very emotional piece, ...

    Aug 1, 2021

  • Poetry » General, General
    Re: i am not your daughter

    Heyo! I'm not usually a huge fan of poetry, but the title caught my eye and I'm glad I read it. It reads as very personal, and packs quite an ...

    Aug 1, 2021

  • Short Story » Realistic, Other
    Re: New Beginnings

    Hey!! I'm back again with another review, lol. The beginning was really well done! I like that you started off with the books; it was specific and vague enough that ...

    Aug 1, 2021

  • Short Story » Realistic, Other
    Re: The Birthday Candles

    Hey!! Stopped by to give a review. :) I really thought that this was a really interesting read, especially since it's being told from the perspective of a seven year-old, ...

    Aug 1, 2021

  • Poetry » Realistic, General
    Re: Reaching for They and Them

    Hey!! This poem really hit me in a personal place, if for no other reason than because I'm also not cis and it really brought forwards a lot of memories ...

    Apr 5, 2021

  • Short Story » Spiritual, Health
    Re: Insecurity

    Hey!! I hope my comment here finds you well. :) I'm gonna start off by saying that I really enjoyed your use of the weather to portray tone! At the ...

    Mar 23, 2021

  • Poetry » Narrative, General
    Re: onion layers

    I really like the comparison you made between onions and the healing process! When I opened this piece I wasn't sure that it would work, but the imagery and the ...

    Mar 23, 2021

  • Short Story » Dramatic, Teen Fiction
    Re: Stormy Skies

    Hey! I hope this comment finds you well. I'm gonna start this by saying that I'm assuming that Ren is nonbinary, which I thought was super cool just because I ...

    Mar 23, 2021

  • Poetry » Lyrical, Realistic
    Re: moonlit car session

    This flows really well! The way you structured it makes it really easy for the eye to follow, and the rhyme you have going was extremely pleasant. It's a really ...

    Jan 27, 2021

  • Poetry » Fantasy, Dramatic
    Re: To A Boy I Saw in the Supermarket Once

    This is absolutely beautiful! Your choice of vocabulary is really expressive without it coming off like you're trying too hard to be overly metaphorical. The piece flows very well and ...

    Jan 27, 2021

  • First off, wow. I hadn't expected that to be as good as it was, in all honesty. Kudos. I really like your vocabulary and the images it put in my ...

    Jan 12, 2015

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