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"Finally, from so little sleeping and so much reading, his brain dried up and he went completely out of his mind." --Don Quixote

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The Ravens Will Not Depart

Hello, seeker of knowledge! I see you've stumbled upon my little corner of the internet. I'm a humble undergraduate double-majoring in English and Art History, with minors in creative writing, museum studies, and German. Having two majors and three minors may very well qualify me as completely off my rocker.

These days I've been writing short stories, mostly about depressed old people. If you've known me a long time I expect you're not surprised to hear that. I have also been working on a novel for awhile now, though very little actual writing has been done. My worldbuilding is a vast and constant activity, though!

I enjoy reading literaature, science fiction, and fantasy, as well as whatever might come my way so long as it's not young adult fiction, which I burned out on a few years ago.

I play D&D and enjoy a good book with a cup of tea when I'm not reading other things (ie. 100 pages' worth of coursework).

Some of my notable skills include taking too many classes, guessing my sister's thoughts, consuming diabolical amounts of popcorn, and doing impressions of Clarence and George from It's a Wonderful Life.


Literature, trolls (not the internet or dreamworks kind), baroque art, poetry, Norse mythology, Star Wars, roleplaying, music of nearly all genres, sculpting, sewing, the Magnus Archives, art history (particualrly portraiture and human figures), short stories, notebooks, etc, etc.


Hag in the woods, college student, avatar of both the Eye and the Spiral, and pursuer of the muse.

I have my books and my poetry to protect me.
— Paul Simon