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A Friendly Robot

*beep boop* a Philosophy and Linguistics undergraduate, coming to you from a land made of electric pylons and shower thoughts.

Some stuff about me:
• Favourite quality I have (gotta build that self-confidence): stubbornness - it's one of the main reasons I keep at writing
• My most important values: fairness, honesty and practicality
• Consensus says I'm a chaotic good. I'm not sure about the good, but I'm definitely chaotic.
• I've never dated anyone before, and I'm pretty apathetic about starting, because I doubt anyone could handle my nonsense in a romantic relationship long-term (and not in a self-depracating way ;)) I much prefer to court my friends platonically, so expect lots of #friendshippoems from me.
• I was a neutral in the nanaveer vs. carinana war~ and am also team #unclassified

Thoughts on my work:
• My short stories are often fragmented, slightly experimental and stream-of-consciousy. I love expanding out of that, though!
• A lot of my stuff in general is informed by my interest in narrativity, how people tell stories about their lives, themselves etc.
• p O e T r y is very fun for me to write, because it gives the most freedom to BREAK and MESS AROUND with those Labovian narrative rules.
• I've been writing since a pretty early age; but writing 'well' pretty recently ;)

~Opinions~ which I have:
• None that (I hope ) will get in my way of being decent and fair to people I speak to.
• I'm agnostic currently. I had a brief 6-month stint as an atheist when I was 9, but that has since drifted away because I'm not the most consistent DnD character in the bunch. I have a curiousity for other people's religious practices and beliefs, though, and I'd be happy to chat about such things!
• Anti-colonial, anti-imperialist and anti-racist. Granted, I'm not super up-to-date on the literature regarding every related issue on this in the world, but I've read ~some~ stuff and believe that the aforementioned power imbalances are a lot more insidious (read: subtle and not-obvious) than they may seem and that they ought to be undermined
• You might notice that socioeconomic class also features a lot in my poetry and prose; it is something I'm quite concerned about, which I think tends to be overlooked in a lot of discourse
• While I'm happy for people who find support in being with others like them, what with the whole modern-day liberation movements and empirical evidence that that improves mental health for some people, I make it a point of mine to associate with others based on character, personality and values alone. This is my conception of sincere friendship, of sincere community and I don't see why I'm obliged by any of my identities to limit my own principles of life. I don't know who is reading this, but my guess is, that if you're living in the present day, this might seem strange to you. That's fine. It's just how I choose to roll as an individual.

Miscellaneous notes on interacting with the bot:
1. I spent some of my formative years consuming low-quality and hyperaggressive gender discourse, and to be honest I'm just sick of talking about this stuff now. So if you notice me leaving a conversation about that don't worry - it's not you, it's me ;)
2. One of my worst qualities is that I get bored very easily. My mind is often assaulted by various contemptuous thoughts and feelings if I hear something that's well . . . 'said before' or that I'm personally tired of hearing. Unfortunately I have more of these low-key triggers than I think the average person has, and I really don't mean to demean anyone by my inability to care about things they care about. So if I start detaching, again, it's not you - it's me. Call it a low-battery moment.

~Social Indices I'm not particularly attached to~
• probably ethnic Chinese, I've never done a DNA test and my family's genealogy basically disappears after great-grandparents
• culturally, I am Internet (and broadly South-East Asian)
• broadly-speaking female; somewhat androgynous? I use any pronouns (she/they are most common)
• lesbian

~Quotes (by me) ~

If you avoid exaggerating the negative, congratulations! You've already set yourself apart from most of the population.

there's charming dumb, and then there's belligerent dumb. i choose to be charming dumb. even though people around me might be belligerent dumb, i will not confront them about it unprovoked. getting mad about belligerent dumbness is belligerent dumb itself.

It's a heuristic. It doesn't tell you something that's true, it tells you something that is convenient.

Mashed potatoes are v a l i d.

My avatar is from the anime Serial Experiments Lain.


Reading a page at a time and then thinking about it until the sun sets, hearing one joke and laughing about it all day, finding one idle game and calling myself a gamer - do you see a pattern here?


A very good boi (owo)

You wanna be a writer? You don't know how or when? Find a quiet place, use a humble pen.
— Paul Simon