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About JaBurton

Hello there!

So must have some interest in me if you bothered to click on the tab above so let me tell you a little bit about myself.

I like:
- Things listed below in the interest section,
- and running (though not enough for the interest box).

I have a DeviantART and Figment and Wattpad (on which I have noticed that the stories are all basically variations of the same thing, yet still I stay).

I'm a mega nerd, as in, I can't have normal human interaction with people because I can't go five minutes without starting a sentence with, "Oh, that reminds me of this scene is a book/movie/manga/anime/Doctor Who..." This creates a social atmosphere in which people tend to avoid befriending me yet all seem to like me. You know the person, the one who is so odd you can't help but find them just a little endearing (at least, I hope that's why they hang around and not just so I can't show them how to do homework).

My life revolves around literature, be it reading or writing. Really, I just don't know how to act normal around people because, let the stereotype's enter, I was a little victimized kid. But I am cool with it cause now I have Doctor Who as my companion (wink, wink).

Last but not least, I'm a rude and way too honest person. For the most part I don't sugar coat things. I state the fact and that might make you uncomfortable. Either that, or I outright lie.

Now for the important stuff about me and my writing and such which may affect you. Some points first:

- I write how I write and that's not going to change.
- Get over my descriptions or please leave. I ask this respectfully because that it what dictates my style of writing.
- My reviews will often sound rude. It's not on purpose, I try to sound nice, it just happens.

I am a bit, just a bit, on the cynical/pessimistic side. When I review you may witness this as I can love a story and praise it for a paragraph and then tell you a million and two ways in which it could have improved.

This brings me to my second point; I am a complete grammar snob and hate those little things in stories that are incorrect. Yes, my punctuation, diction, and overall grammar may not be perfect and some of my advice unnecessary, but please don't rag into me for it. I have the best intentions at heart, I swear. I am not an antagonistic person, it's just how I am and I don't know if that will ever change. In my life, you have to state the facts quickly or not at all.

Point three: My writing can be long winded sometimes, yes, I know, but I am thorough. I might get a description wrong every so often, but I have a good enough memory to no where I have to look for the correct description in the story so it need only be pointed out. My writing is descriptive and I love adjectives. I try my best not to strangle them or make my story like the first pages of any Stephen King novel (my God, his descriptions are long), but it might happen.

And finally, point four: I love any person who read all the way down to this point and anyone who even reads my stories, especially those who give me feedback. :)


Reading, writing, anime... drawing, sculpting, manga... wow... Doctor Who, Mantracker, etc.


Student (and Bagger at the local Market)

Deal with the faults of others as gently as with your own.
— Chinese proverb