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About Me :)

Hey people who looked at my profile! First of all, thanks for doing that! Here - have a virtual hug. (>^_^)>

You can call me Snow, Snowy, or whatever.

I enjoy writing fictional short stories and novels. I know I am not relatively close at all to being a perfect writer, but I joined this site to improve my writing skills and hopefully help other in the process. Kill two birds with one stone!

So yeah! Here's three random facts about me, just cause.

1. I adore anime & manga.
2. I am part Asian. I love Asian culture. Especially Japanese, but I'm part Filipino.
3. I've always loved reading, like since I was little. I have a 'mini library', my family calls it, in my room. I'm super proud of it. x3

That's about it! See you around!

Yours till The Chocolate Chips,


High School Student ;p

There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you.
— Maya Angelou