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About Me, Hob

Hi! I'm Hob. ^.^ I've been writing stories since elementary school, and it's my favorite pastime. I write stories both alone and with my amazing partner-in-crime, Re, who is incredible in every way. I specialize in Court Intrigue, High Fantasy, and Science Fiction novels and short stories.

I'm a Ravenclaw, and INFP-T, and Empath. I love anything science fiction or fantasy, when it comes to movies, reading, and writing. I also enjoy suspense and the occasional murder mystery and 'classic,' but I prefer to stick to worlds I can only dream of.

Writing is for sure my passion, and I can't wait to see my first book hit the shelves, even if it means I have to wait a couple of years first. For now, I write on, and hope to grow my audience in the years to come. Thanks for taking the time to learn more about me, and I hope you enjoy my work!



Magical Worlds, Lacrosse, History, English Langauge Arts


Full-Time High School Student, Part-Time Writer


Once you have people's attention, you have a greater responsibility to tell them something of value.
— Tobias Forge (Ghost B.C.)