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Huh, me?

Let's see...I'm trying to be writer of poetry and stories. It's been a dormant passion of mine since high school. I'm a quiet guy, maybe even shy but I've slowly come out of my shell.

As of now, I try to write poetry if I can. Usually, it's like an itch I just can't scratch away so I scratch it on paper (or the screen). I've been straying away from what I think are overly sentimental themes and rather now focusing on exploring imageries and metaphors and digging deep to find interesting ideas from different objects (Please check out my poem "I don't have wounds to make my words bleed" if you can!). I haven't found a certain style yet, but I believe I'm getting there. I just need to keep scratching the surface of poetry.


I like fantasy adventure stories probably because of reading Rick Riordan books. I play video games (Kingdom Hearts, BOTW, Pokemon, Persona 3 Portable). I watch a lot of cartoons (Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, ATLA, OTGW, Infinity Train). I watch some anime (SNK is amazing). What else? Some random stuff I like: Disney and Pixar movies, Dear Evan Hansen, learning Japanese and other languages and forms of writing, and the color blue.


A learner of universal truths and the wonders of life. In simple words, a college student.

I like to create sympathy for my characters, then set the monsters loose.
— Stephen King