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Still a student, but want to reach high peaks still when I'm young.

Hi/ Namaste
I'm Prakamya/ Goldenwizard. Right now I'm a student in high school and struggling with exams. In the mid of all these years, one day I realised to where I was taking my life. And eneded up making some important desicons of my life.
I was always good in arts and loved it, but somewhere I belived that it won't be sufficient as my career, I guess I don't have that courage. Than in eight grade I started writing after I watched the begaing of a movie and began to built my own base and the ending of it, which I ended up writing, but was no where good.
Than I began to have thoughts and started writing with an aspiration of becoming a great writer one day, with art also being my favourite hobby, something that I can't leave ever.
Thankyou/ Dhanyavad


A lot of thing, like Reading, Writing, Painting and sketching. Not Maths for sure.


Just a student for now. But soon will be a well known Writer.

Stupidity's the deliberate cultivation of ignorance.
— William Gaddis