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even if;

21. Cis female. Florida. Writer. I love flowers.

I nitpick because I love you.
I can be a harsh reviewer, but it's always out of love for you and hopes you'll grow, not malice.

All I want to do is make other people realize their potential.

I have been on this website since I was 13. Keep this in mind if going through my past works.

I love plants, dancing in the rain, cuddling, and spreading love.

I mostly write about girls in love.

I can guarantee I'd like to be your friend.

My icon is by Elsa by Brittany Lee. No one quite knows where my background is from, but if you can find the original owner, I'll credit them.


Obviously, I write. I also love editing, playing video games, playing instruments, singing, acting, and dancing.


Live your life how you want, but don't confuse drama with happiness.
— Ron, Parks & Rec