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  • Y'all I'm so freaking sorry, my mom found out about YWS and I have to leave, although I'm staying signed in for if I need to PM Plume about my story and their character.
    As for my LSS team, I'M SO SORRY because this screws y'all up so bad, I'M SO FREAKING SORRY

    winterwolf0100 I’m so sorry :[ I know what overprotective parents are like and it can be really stifling. I wish you the best of luck, and hopefully you can come back at some point.
    Feb 3, 2022

    FourLeafClover Thanks!
    Feb 3, 2022

  • i just got called FlourLeaf (yes, Flour, i didn't misspell that) and i'm not sure how i feel about that.

    WeepingWisteria The panic that coursed in my veins when you said that. I’ve done typos like that before, and I was worried it was me.
    Feb 1, 2022

    FourLeafClover Nope it wasn't you
    Feb 1, 2022

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  • Hey guys! I have I challenge I decided to take myself up on, but I’m gonna need a bunch of things to review, so if there’s anything of yours that you’re dying to get reviewed, send it over. Now.

    FourLeafClover thanks, y'all. liking my comment is such a big help.
    Jan 16, 2022

    FourLeafClover yeah i'm back to doing this so send me things to review! please
    Jan 17, 2022

  • fatherfig i dont want to spam the peoples tab but i dont hate anyone :>
    Jan 4, 2022

    looseleaf ditto ^
    Jan 4, 2022

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  • so my mom's sending me to catholic school next year and she knows i'm gay (coming out didn't go so well) and that i don't believe in god and she doesn't care that i was actually excited about the public high school or that i was uncomfortable explaining everything she made me explain so um send help

  • i'm thinking i might post a new year's eve story about the Thirteen so y'all can get to meet more of them and know some more about them, but it'll have to be posted maybe a week or two after new year's so i can finish it
    what do y'all say? should i do it?

  • ayyyy merry christmas to all who celebrate! (although if christmas is a ripoff of yule that dead european dudes made to end pagan celebrations, but not many people know that, so whatever)

  • you ever just write about a tourist asking what the name of the cash register is, or is it just me?/

  • Sofia's parents: "you're gay because you're depressed!"
    Rowan's parents: "you're depressed because you're gay and you changed your name!"
    everyone in Gay Club: "...how does that even work?"

  • i just outted myself to my homophobic mother when i wasn't ready in order to make her understand and she still doesn't understand and is saying that I don't understand it even though she's the one refusing to listen and I CAN'T STAND IT SEND HELP

  • ok so apparently this happened?

    Hayli: *comes out as pansexual to grandparents*
    Grandparents: So you support murders?


    Stringbean *confusion*
    Dec 10, 2021

  • me? laughing as i remember that one time a divorced person said "gay is just a phase" and that one person across the room who shouted "so was your marriage!"? nOooOOoO...

  • OKAYYYYYY y'all how's life?

    FourLeafClover nice lives.
    Nov 27, 2021

    fatherfig XD
    Dec 17, 2021

  • repeat after me: gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, gay, (repeat however many times you feel is necessary)

    me, about to start: ughh no maybe just 1 if any

    seriously though my motivation has gone down the rabbit hole

When life gives you lemons…take over YWS with fruits and vegetables!!!
— LemonescentAnt