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About DoubleRiders

In case the username wasn’t clear enough, there are actually two of us on this account! We joined together because we started a book and need some encouragement/feedback.

Selina: I’m seventeen years old (18 in Nov.) and am currently laid up in bed from a torn hip labrum, so it’s writing time! I have had an account on here before a couple years ago but I needed a break for a bit.

Honora: I am 15 years old and have a huge family. I have a dog of my own, Jade, who is a Great Pyrenees/Border Collie brat. I love hanging out with friends when I can and that's all I can think of!


Selina: horses (I own two of my own), reading/writing, big poetry fan! Honora: I love writing when I have the time, reading, drawing, and riding/working horses.


Selina: currently laid up with a torn hip labrum Honora: I am busy doing my 10th grade, helping my mom and dad out, taking care of two horses because my sister is unable to, and having fun!

Very well; I hear; I admit, but I have a voice too, and for good or evil mine is the speech that cannot be silenced.
— Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness