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Hi! My real name is Daniella, but everyone calls me Dan or Danni. I enjoy writing and reading! I love mythology, Wicked, Rick Riordan books and Marvel films, especially the Thor ones! For those of you who were wondering, I don't actually live in Fairyland, I live in London! My protagonist in my main story, Maia, is inspired by my awesome cousin Mia. I have a cat and a dog: Pedro, a dopey Labrador! I used to have a cat named Molly who looked almost identical to my avatar and a tortoiseshell named Mojo, but they both died. I have three brothers and a sister: Mark, Isaac, Jonathan, and Cassandra (or Cassie) - I am the oldest :D I have quite a few friends but my BFF is named Caroline or Caz.
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Animals, Loki, myths, Loki, reading, Loki, Marvel films, Elphaba, Loki, Marvel comics, Wicked, being totally obsessed with Loki and writing


Fairy warrior, huge Marvel fan and Loki superfan

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