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Ajit Nayak

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Hello, I'm Chinku (nickname)/Ajit Nayak. I like to write occasional or short poems on some past or present events, when I feel, I must show case my thoughts and feelings in to letteric form. As, poetry is another best medium to express our thoughts after painting. I am an engineer and have been working in a multinational company. Apart from it I write poems, read books and draw some sketches, that much I can do now, and hope in future, I could write some interesting fiction stories and articles. You can contact me on <>🙂


Arts, Reading, Writing, Designing, Playing football and cricket.


Operation manager.

As the notifications drift in I stop and wonder. Why do they take so long? Do they have adventures we don't know about? I bet they do. When they come I will ask myself. What amazing adventure has this straggling notification been on? How far did it travel, and why didn't it take me?
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