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Titleless "About" Section

I creeped out of some shadows and started feeding on desperate souls around the same time as writing and doing art. Then I also finished some schools and stuff, and joined this place somewhere in between. Then I became a mod. Twice.

I'm not good with talking about myself, though, but feel free to poke me if you need anything or want to talk or ask me whatever c:


Writing, sarcasm, drawing, magic, fire dancing, reading, dreaming, music, walking, learning random new things, languages, chess, archery, making deals and tricking people into signing contracts . . . kind of everything.


Your resident demoness, licensed keeper of bottled souls and owner of The Below's Best Bed and Breakfast inn


I was promis'd on a time, To have a reason for my rhyme: From that time unto this season, I receiv'd nor rhyme nor reason.
— Edmund Spenser