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Some call me wise but those who know me better tend to avoid me. And at this moment in time I should be revising for an exam. Because I do history at university. But the Chartists can wait; they have been doing so for 200 years.

I'm 19 and my favourite novel is probably Hemingway's "A Farewell to Arms" (especially the last line - always read the last line first, except in Agatha Christie books). I love travelling and still like to write, even if I lack both talent and energy to do it properly.

I live in Birmingham/Oxford in the UK but I wish I lived in Middle-Earth (hence the photo - taken in Skye if you care).


history, Ernest Hemingway, international affairs, socialism, guitar playing, Aston Villa, Christopher Hitchens and whisky



I'm getting nachos~
— BluesClues