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Nice to meet you! My name is Aya ♥

About AyameAya

I swear I've edited this a million times, but hello there! I'm Aya ^w^ My real name is Erin though xD I'm just a 15 year old girl living in the United States who someday dreams of sprouting wings and flying. Lol ok scratch that, but you have to admit it'd be cool ;3
My ridiculous imagination aside, here are a few things that'd be good to know about me:
-I love writing more than anything else in the world
-I also enjoy drawing, I do digital art with a mouse
-I have been playing the violin for 11 years and I'm not lying when I say that music is my life
-I love anime/manga
-I'm shy, not emo
-I practicly bi-polar, half timid half flamboyant
-I love foreign music
-I am a horrible speller
-Someday I hope live in Iceland
-I'm an action geek
-I'm a hopeless romantic
-I put the two together a lot in my own stories
-I love going into detail with gore, don't judge me
-I love making friends<3
-Believe it or not, I love talking to people
-I'm afraid of boys, but I am slightly more comfortable with them online
-I'm asexual
-I am learning how to speak Japanese and Icelandic

I think that covers everything, so let's talk about my novels ^^ I write action/adventure novels with a bit of romance mixed in. I'm very proud of my work, but that doesn't mean I'm critiphobic. I actually enjoy reading reviews, writing them is something else xD I'm pretty shy, so I may not review your work unless I've already spoken to you at least twice.

Once I get an idea stuck in my head, it's there for life. I have a weird memory, it's like a file cabnet xD

Oh! One more thing, I tend to be very naive at times. So please please please have patience with me TwT

My current stories are:
-My Proof of Life (Ongoing)
-The Difference Between a Prince and a Jester (Unwritten)
-Trail Divided by Trust (Unwritten)


Writing, drawing, playing the violin, music, gaming, and watching anime.


High School Student


Remember: no stress allowed. Have fun, and learn from your fellow writers - that's what storybooks are all about.
— Wolfical