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Well, I've been writing since I was....calculating...about ten? I started my first serious book (In a marble notebook. Got to page 84 and it's painful to think about.)

I told myself I would finish a book, my first book, by 15. And that's what Traveler is (God, I love it. But hate it so much.)

I had a crisis two weeks of not-writing later, and started my second book. Writing ten pages and up a day, I finished it before I started 9th grade which took approximately 3 months. (Titled Forever in the Tunnels, equally as good and bad. Will NEVER get published.)

Yeah, so there's my short history of writing.

Oh, also, I do a bit of poetry on the side


Writing, more writing, drawing my characters. Obsessing over writing. Obsessing over not writing. And making Halloween costumes months in advance


Online highschool student by day, writer by night. Also an artist and wanna be fashion designer.

"There is nothing to fear from someone who shouts."
— Chinua Achebe, Things Fall Apart