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  • Mageheart
    Feb 10, 2023

    Happy birthday!~ 🎊🎉✨

  • winterwolf0100
    Feb 10, 2023

    Happy birthdayyy!!

  • winterwolf0100
    Feb 10, 2022

    Happy birthdayyy!!

  • Mageheart
    Feb 10, 2022

    Happy birthday! 🎂

  • thepages
    Aug 25, 2021

    venturing into eroticas, explicit ones can be rewarding; who knew?

  • "yes, I do have a crush on you. "I said out loud as I had countless times in my dreams. She Smiled with her ice cold hands up my cheeks. It then downed on me with such a thud of discomfort as that only imaginable, this was no dream. It was damn reality.

  • Ehhhh....
    Look who's back!

  • the sun was at its acme when Amorphous reached the house of sacred tiers.
    "Amorphous, law enforcer requests entrance!"
    a guard at the top platform above the entrance gate stood firm. Even as Amorphous came from the untamed lands, his physique resembled that of the dark landers. And at the apparent, no light lander wanted business with the dark ones.
    "what brings you to the house of sacred tiers" shout the guard as he eyed Amorphous, disgust in his eyes. Amorphous noticed, he unmounted his horse, summoned his twin swords." I carry urgent message from the guardian and wont entertain any delays, so do yourself the favor of opening up else i'll do it myself!"
    "over your dead body"

  • Today, I woke up to the foul discomfort of my bed. It wasn’t always this bad but as I've spent most of my time in it these past months, i've got the hung of it and by the looks of it I don’t like it. The day so far is going well. Woke up at around nine, had breakfast some ten minutes later, did some cleaning. Now, at eleven am seated affront my laptop typing. The thing is I don’t really know what I am typing. The trick is look at the key board and type something in this case what I am writing a review of what has so far gone by.
    Things would be better if I had some data running for then I could at least chat with friends n family. At this point I’ve watched all the movies I had, exploited the tv channels and seriously debating the knowledge of leaving home, roam around see what happens. (only that I’ve been like this the past week)

  • woke up to an unbearable headache, ahh....
    I hadn't tasted whisky before, and I don't plan on doing so any time in the future. How people drink it for pleasure is still a mystery to me...if it was in a medicine bottle I bet they'd drain it down the sink...

  • Happy cake day!

  • Happy cake day!

  • Happy cake day!!!!!!!! <33

  • Happy Cake Day! I hope it's as wonderful as you!

  • "I'm Sonic, a little ball of super energy in an extreamly handsome package!"

History is the version of past events that people have decided to agree upon.
— Napoleon Bonaparte