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  • Mageheart
    Jul 17, 2019

    Happy birthday! <3

  • Aliceinhorrorland
    Jun 17, 2019

    I’m not gonna be on till like august. have a gr8 summer y’all~

  • Aliceinhorrorland
    May 28, 2019

    If a cyclops closes its eyes momentarily, is it a wink or a blink?

    ChieTheWriter what
    May 28, 2019

    Fantascifi66 I like how this has no explanation whatsoever and how good this question is
    May 29, 2019

  • tinybookfarie
    May 28, 2019

    Thanks for the follow!

    Aliceinhorrorland Np
    May 28, 2019

  • Prokaryote
    May 17, 2019

    Great name, lol

    Aliceinhorrorland Thank you Lol
    May 19, 2019

  • LadyBug
    May 15, 2019

    Thanks for the follow! I swear I followed you the other day but *follows back*

    Aliceinhorrorland Lol thanks
    May 15, 2019

  • Dossereana
    May 12, 2019

    Sorry for the Unfollow it was a complete mistake, *Follows again* Lol

    Aliceinhorrorland It better be a complete mistake XD
    May 13, 2019

    Dossereana Lol yep all a mistake.
    May 13, 2019

  • alliyah
    Feb 23, 2019

    Hey cake ! :) You're doing great for Review Day already! Have you thought about trying the checklist challenge there are zero entries so far, and I think some of your reviews even meet some of the challenges already.

    Either way, keep up the great reviewing!

    Aliceinhorrorland Thanks! Okay this might sound stupid, but like how do I submit how many challenges I’ve completed
    Feb 23, 2019

    alliyah not a stupid question at all. Just click the link above, then copy and paste the challenges

    Here if you don't want to type them up:
    Code: Select all
    [b]Number of Challenges Completed[/b]
    [b]Review a first chapter[/b]
    [b]Review an article[/b]
    [b]Review a work by a new member[/b]
    [b]Review a poem with one stanza[/b]
    [b]Review a short story[/b]
    [b]Review something in the fantasy genre[/b]
    [b]Review a chapter from the green room[/b]
    [b]Review a poem that uses a metaphor[/b]
    [b]Review a work with a one word title[/b]
    [b]Review using an article from the Knowledge Base[/b]
    [b]Review something posted last month[/b]
    [b]Review something posted before 2012[/b]
    [b]Write a review for someone on your review team[/b]
    [b]Review some lyrics[/b]
    [b]Review a chapter numbered 15 or higher[/b]
    [b]Review a work that mentions an animal[/b]
    [b]Review a work that mentions magic[/b]
    [b]Review something in the science fiction genre[/b]
    [b]Review something in the romance genre[/b]
    [b]Write a review for a friend![/b]

    and then put the links to reviews where they fit. -- You can edit your post multiple times in the lounge, so if you review more you can just add more links. :) Also 1 review can count for multiple challenges in some cases.

    Feb 23, 2019

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  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY YWS! 🎁 -celebration-

  • niteowl
    Nov 14, 2018

    Welcome to YWS! So happy a new member called in!

    Here's your official gift! :D :) :( :o :shock: :? 8) :x :P :evil: :twisted: :wink: :!: :?: :idea: :arrow: :| :mrgreen: :smt001 :smt002 :smt003 :smt004 :pirate2: :pirate3: :boba :daddarth :darth :leia :luke :r2d2 :stormtrooper :mother (: :smt006 :smt007 :smt008 :smt009 :smt010 :smt011 :smt012 :smt013 :smt014 :smt015 :smt016 :smt017 :smt019 :smt020 :smt021 :smt022 :smt023 :superman: :xd: :ftw: :backtotopic: :piratedthread: :birthday: :smt120 :smt119 :smt118 :smt117 :smt116 :smt115 :santa: :smt113 :smt112 :smt111 :smt110 :smt109 :smt108 :smt107 :smt106 :smt105 :smt104 :smt103 :smt102 :smt101 :smt100 :smt099 :smt096 :smt095 :smt084 :smt093 :smt092 :smt091 :smt090 :smt089 :smt088 :smt087 :smt086 :smt085 :smt084 :smt083 :smt082 :smt081 :smt080 :smt079 :smt077 :smt076 :smt075 :smt074 :smt072 :smt069 :smt068 :smt065 :smt064 :smt063 :smt062 :smt061 :smt060 :smt059 :smt058 :smt057 :smt056 :smt055 :smt054 :smt052 :smt051 :smt050 :smt049 :smt048 :smt047 :smt046 :smt045 :smt043 :smt042 :smt041 :smt040 :smt039 :smt038 :smt037 :smt036 :smt035 :smt034 :smt032 :smt031 :smt029 :smt028 :smt027 :smt026 :smt024 :thud: :elephant:

    Aliceinhorrorland Oh my GAH! This is amazing, thank you. XD
    Nov 14, 2018

  • Welcome to YWS!!!

    It was amazing hearing from you in the radio show!

    Aliceinhorrorland I had to like mentally prepare myself for that XD
    Nov 14, 2018

    Aley You sounded great!
    Nov 14, 2018

  • Dossereana
    Nov 10, 2018

    nice work on your second review star. :D


    Aliceinhorrorland Thanks! Nice job on your three review stars
    Nov 10, 2018

    Dossereana thanks.
    Nov 11, 2018

  • Carlito
    Nov 9, 2018

    Congratulations on your new star!! :D

    Aliceinhorrorland Thanks!! ✌🏻
    Nov 9, 2018

  • FireSpyGirl
    Nov 9, 2018


    Aliceinhorrorland Thank youuuu πŸŽ‰
    Nov 9, 2018

  • Mageheart
    Nov 9, 2018

    Congratulations on getting your second review star!

    Aliceinhorrorland Thank you!! 😝
    Nov 9, 2018

It's been many years since I had such an exemplary vegetable.
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