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  • Happy cake day!

    Boluk This is extremely late, but thanks. I got back here pretty much only because I was trying to see how Raven Akuma was doing. I wrote a lot of chapters of Agent Lightning, and am kinda considering posting them again, though I feel like I would have to delete the current ones since one of the chapters is listed as a short story (my brain was weird during that whole process.)
    May 29, 2024

  • Hey guys! If you want to read the Second chapter of Agent Lightning Operation TreeBeast here it is Agent Lightning Operation TreeBeast Chapter 2: Teachers and sawblades @Shikora

  • Hey uh would anyone like to review my work: Monster Wars : the changeling vs the witch Its probably feeling pretty lonely what with only one review and all.

  • ReviewBuddy
    Oct 28, 2018

    I've noticed you're doing a cool template for your reviews Postives/Negatives/NitPicks/Overalls - I like that style of reviewing!

    Boluk Thanks dude!
    Oct 28, 2018

    Boluk also could you review one of my stories? it goes by the name of Scott Wood/ Lightbringer
    Oct 30, 2018

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  • Dossereana
    Oct 26, 2018

    Hello welcome back! :D

  • alliyah
    Oct 25, 2018

    Hey welcome back!

    Boluk Thank you
    Oct 25, 2018

  • Okay guys I'm really sorry for not posting or being very active here a lot it's just that I recently discovered this thing called nanowrimo ywp where we have to write a story in a month and for some reason it's really stressing me out. That being said, I will post the second chapter of Scott Wood/Lightbringer very soon.

  • Ok this is a pretty odd question but is there a category for us to put anthologies? I'm Just curious

    Mea As in, a collection of your own short stories and/or poems? The thing with that is that generally it would be better to post each story/poem individually, so people can focus on one at a time when reviewing them. What you could do is make a folder titled with the anthology name, post the stories/poems in order, and put a note at the top/bottom of the work about it being part of an anthology. And you could just categorize it the way you would normally categorize it if you were posting it on its own.
    Jun 4, 2018

    Boluk Thanks for the advice!
    Jun 4, 2018

  • LonelyMelodies
    May 11, 2018


    Boluk heyo!
    May 11, 2018

  • Wizard 101 brings back memories.

    Boluk Indeed. Although most are terrible memories for me. Also I love your name.
    Apr 30, 2018

    Kale Thanks.

    My memories are a bit more fond because I used it as the gateway drug to get my baby sister hooked on MMOs before I got fed up with the money grabbing.

    Apr 30, 2018

  • Mageheart
    Apr 29, 2018

    Congrats on getting your second star!

    Boluk Thank you!
    Apr 29, 2018

  • Yes I got my second star!

    Mea Congrats! :)
    Apr 29, 2018

  • Danni88
    Apr 29, 2018

    Thanks for the follow!

    Boluk As Maui from Moana once said: Your welcome
    Apr 29, 2018

    Danni88 XD
    Apr 30, 2018

  • Rosendorn
    Oct 14, 2017

    Thanks for reviewing during RevMo! Every one helped us reach our goal :D

  • Mageheart
    Sep 20, 2017

    Congratulations on getting your first review star!

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