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  • Happy cake day!! <33

  • Hkumar
    Jun 16, 2021

    Happy cake day :)

  • KateHardy
    Jun 16, 2021

    Happy Cake Day!!

  • atlast
    Jun 16, 2021

    happy cake day!

  • Hkumar
    May 22, 2021

    Happy birthday :)

  • Mageheart
    May 22, 2021

    Happy birthday! 🎂

  • I completely forgot that I was going to track my progress for modern Hamlet on here. I finished the first draft on November 20-something, which was much sooner than I thought I would. Yay. 96k is words, which is perfect. I'm in the midst of a second draft now, and I'm actually really happy with this story.

    I don't really know who out there is seeing this, but if you happen to have extra time on your hands, I'd love to get as much feedback as possible on draft 2. So if you like YA, ghosts, emotional trauma, and bisexual disasters. . .

    (Shoutout to Euphoria8 who had to read the first draft, she's been so enthusiastic and helpful :)

    Mageheart Congratulations on finishing your first draft! <3

    I don't have time to read through the entire second draft, but that idea sounds wonderful. Have you started posting it here on YWS yet?

    Jan 6, 2021

    Georgie Uh... Hey! I'm a huge Shakespeare fan, and thus a huge Hamlet fan. I was in my school's performance of Hamlet actually (only as a gravedigger, but I know the story well!). I'd be more than happy to give advice.
    Jan 12, 2021

  • Alright. Draft is as long as the second Harry Potter. We're getting there. Only like 15% of the story left to go.

    Mageheart You can do it! :)
    Nov 16, 2020

  • I've hit 81k, but it feels like my word count is going up but I'm not getting much closer to the end of the story. Argh. Too much fluff! Anyone else have this problem??

    Mageheart I definitely have! One of the longest drafts I've ever written was 70k+ words - and I wasn't even halfway through the story. >>
    Nov 14, 2020

    Nymeria So frustrating!
    Nov 14, 2020

  • My draft is officially as long as the first Harry Potter!

    looseleaf That's awesome!
    Nov 10, 2020

  • Going to finish the first draft of my Hamlet retelling this month! I'm at about 70,000 words, and I want to wrap it up by about 90k. My goal is to crank it out by the 22nd. Woo here we go.

    Euphory Woooooo go go! You're doing great! <3
    Nov 5, 2020

    Mageheart That's amazing! Good luck finishing that up. <3

    (Are you planning on posting it on here afterwards?)

    Nov 6, 2020

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  • Mageheart
    Jun 16, 2020

    happy belated cake day!

  • LittleLee
    May 22, 2020

    Happy birthday!!!

  • Mageheart
    May 22, 2020

    Happy birthday!

  • LittleLee
    Nov 25, 2019

    Hey. Just saw you in the forum... Your username is great! Are you a GoT fan?

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