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  • Mageheart
    Feb 12, 2019

    Happy birthday! <3

    IrisNight Thank you :)
    Feb 12, 2019

  • AriannaC
    Oct 3, 2018

    Are u still alive?

    IrisNight barely, wasssuuup
    Nov 13, 2018

    AriannaC Nm. Yourself?
    Nov 14, 2018

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  • Happy Valentines day! :)


  • Mageheart
    Feb 12, 2018

    Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day.

    IrisNight Thank you so much! :D
    Feb 14, 2018

  • So I've been thinking a little bit.....
    yep that's it, WOW that was a good think. I FEEL SO SMART NOW XD

  • Random avatar
    Oct 20, 2017

    I see Doctor Who stuff on your wall! ;)

    IrisNight Yep! The 11th be the best with 10 as a very close second :)
    Oct 25, 2017

    Random avatar
    deleted21 The Tenth Doctorrrr! Nerd with a box! <3
    Oct 25, 2017

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    Love Haha! :D
    Oct 19, 2017

    IrisNight I am SOOOO clumsy!!! Its so bad, sometimes I will just be standing and then my legs will give out from under me. That happened to me at school before!
    Oct 19, 2017

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  • Mageheart
    Oct 4, 2017

    I love your new username!

    IrisNight Thanks so much! :)
    Oct 6, 2017

  • RubyRed
    Jul 17, 2017

    Love the new avvie! What anime is that?

    IrisNight you know,...i really don't no XD but i like it :D haha
    Aug 10, 2017

  • Today is a good day! I don't really no why but right now I am in a awesome mood!

  • #myroleplaydragon

    Zaya, my dragon, looks kind of like this just smaller and a little bite cuter :D


    @KaraStevens @FalconryGirl9086 @RossiRainCloud @PizzaParty @SmokeScreen @Danni88
    and if I forgot anyone I am sorry

  • THE 11th DOCTER IS THE BEST HANDS DOWN, sorry 10th.... Mat Smith is just amazing

    sheysse Nah, 10
    Jun 27, 2017

    IrisNight >.< he's close but,



    Jun 27, 2017

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