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Hey! I'm Aly c:

I'm an idealistic, somewhat-sappy introvert who thinks too much and likely lives more in her head than in the real world. Writing, art, music, faith, family, and nature make me happy and if I were a tragic heroine procrastination would be my hamartia.

- My Art -

Favorite standalone novel:
Till We Have Faces by C.S. Lewis

Favorite book series + favorite author:
The Fitz and the Fool by Robin Hobb

Favorite genres:
fantasy, drama, horror, psychological, sci-fi, action/adventure

Favorite movie:
Princess Mononoke

Listening to:


books, digital art, piano, guitar, singing, comics, Studio Ghibli films, Joe Hisaishi, Carnby Kim, Satoshi Kon, ATLA, Cowboy Bebop, Brandon Sanderson, people, cultures, languages, psychology


daydreaming, doodling, mostly procrastinating but sometimes found in a state of panicked, last-minute productivity before a deadline


He knew that elbow.
— soundofmind