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Angel of Death

About Angel of Death

There are so many well-intentioned lies that I can tell you but I'll stick to the truth. I'm a magician. I caste spells with my pencil. I breathe life into lungs. I sprinkle dust on a plot to make it turn into a story.
Well, okay, maybe I'm not a magician but I am a writer, so that's close enough.
I really don't like talking about myself but my name is Raven and I live somewhere over the rainbow. I write from my mind which is just more crowded than a New York Subway station. I'm an only child, who loves to read and draw and listen to music. I am also really nice, so please feel free to PM me or leave a message in my guestback. <3


Reading, Writiing, drawing, listening to music


Don't have one


Those are my principles. If you don't like them I have others.
— Groucho Marx