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  • momonster
    Oct 2, 2020

    happy birthday!

  • Mageheart
    Oct 2, 2020

    Happy birthday! 🎉

  • I wrote a poem about the battle and recovery of Anorexia Nervosa. It’s called “ED Culture” and I would really like for you guys to take a look at it!

  • Mageheart
    Oct 2, 2019

    Happy birthday!

  • KaiRyu
    Jul 22, 2019


  • Hello! I'm currently writing an essay about the abandonment of Romeo and Juliet. I was wondering if there was anybody who would like to read it when it was finished? I just wanted to take a quick poll to see if I should publish it or not.

  • KaiRyu
    Jan 19, 2019


    VegasLights HELLO!!!
    Jan 20, 2019

    KaiRyu *Tackles* How are you?
    Jan 20, 2019

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  • Luke14
    Jan 2, 2019

    Hey did you get your name from the Panic! At The Disco song?

    VegasLights Yes!
    Jan 11, 2019

    Luke14 Awesome! I love that song. My favorites are She Had The World, The Ballad of Mona Lisa, and Nearly Witches. I just couldn't pick one.
    Jan 11, 2019

  • KaiRyu
    Dec 29, 2018


  • PrincessInk
    Oct 2, 2018

    Happy Birthday, VegasLights!

  • SnowGhost
    Oct 2, 2018

    Hope you have an awesome birthday. 😊

  • Mageheart
    Oct 2, 2018

    Happy birthday! <3

  • Hello, lovely writers! I am back in the writing world! I have now posted a new poem called "The Eternal Resident". It is very personal, but please leave your best review on how I can critique it

    Much love,
    Vegas xoxo

  • KaiRyu
    Aug 4, 2018

    VEGAS!!!! *Tackles*

    VegasLights HEYYYY
    Aug 4, 2018

    KaiRyu How are you? :D
    Aug 4, 2018

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  • Hello, My fellow writers!! I have a question to ask of you! I have written a whole bunch of titles of books I want to write, but I don't know where to start. So here is a list and a little explanation on all!

    -Lady of the Lake (A ghost haunts a photographer. She appears only once a year.)
    -Under my Cloak of Darkness ( a book full of poems on mental illnesses)
    -White Puff (A book about smoking and cancer)
    -Speechless. (A person loses their voice permanently)
    -Crystal Scars (A princess in line decides to refuse the throne)
    -The Clattering of Wings (A girl describing her life as she is born deaf. She is also a writer!)
    -Hidden in the End (A women in NYC goes missing ((crime))
    -Symbols in the Attic (A person moves into a very, old house. In that house, contains symbols of the unknown)
    -The Big Picture (A male in the military becomes deaf after a previous accident)
    -Learning the Way ( A martial artist loses a limb and has to learn the "feeling" all over again)
    -Dark Sight ( A female is born blind, and shows her life through art)
    -Loving the Mysterious ( A girl goes to her dad's over the summer and meets a guy, who she comes to like)

    Sorry for the grammatical problems! I'm reallllly tired!

    SnowGhost The Big Picture sounds interesting :) Speechless sounds cool too
    Jun 14, 2018

    Mageheart Crystal Scars looks pretty cool!
    Jun 14, 2018

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Remember when dad's shoulders were the highest place on earth and your mom was your hero? Race issues were about who ran the fastest, war was only a car game. The most pain you felt was when you skinned your knees, and good byes only meant tomorrow? And we couldn't wait to grow up.
— Unknown