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Here comes the rain again, falling from the stars.

  • Mageheart
    Nov 23, 2022

    Happy birthday~! ✨🎊🎉

  • winterwolf0100
    Nov 23, 2022

    Happy birthdayyy!!

  • winterwolf0100
    Nov 23, 2021

    Happy birthdayyy!!

  • momonster
    Nov 23, 2020

    Happy birthday!!

  • Mageheart
    Nov 23, 2019

    Happy birthday! I know you're no longer active on the site, but I hope you're having a good day wherever you are.

  • EverLight
    Nov 23, 2019

    Happy Birthday! Have an awesome day! I love the user name (:

  • LittleLee
    Nov 22, 2019

    Happy birthday, and I love your username.

  • Mageheart
    Nov 23, 2018

    Happy birthday! <3

  • BookishBrook
    May 9, 2018

    I saw that you are a fan of the film Pride? :D

  • Mageheart
    Nov 23, 2017

    Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day.

  • break. the. chat.

  • Hey. Are you able to post this round of Zombie Apocalypse?

    AnarchyWolf Done. Sorry it took so long. In boarding, if one gets ill, we all get ill xD
    Jan 9, 2017

  • Thanks for the follow! ^_^

    AnarchyWolf You're welcome :)
    Jan 4, 2017

  • Thank God it's over. Happy New Year everyone, and let's hope 2017 is kind to us.

  • I didn't get tagged in this, but I'm going to do this anyway. So here's #3radthingsin16

    1. YWS
    Yeah, yeah. I technically joined in 2015, a few days before the new year. However, I only really began to take part in YWS in 2016. It's been a really great thing and I'm so happy I found this community. It's improved my writing and my confidence so much. You're all awesome :)

    2. Real life
    So many things have gotten better for me in 2016. I've come out, which has made my life so much better. Everyone has been so supportive. Aside from that, I've become happier and friendlier and nicer to be around in general, and thus I've gained more friends. So yay.

    3. My writing
    My writing has gotten so much better in 2016. I now have a plan for a book (a series of books, actually), which is really unusual for me. I never used to plot out my stories, which led to them falling apart by chapter 5. Hopefully this won't happen with my next story.

    I tag anyone who wants to do it :)

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