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  • I have posted so much ignorant, unknowingly offensive stuff on this website, which I have just now noticed when I came back on a nostalgia readthrough. I am so sorry. I'm trying to be better, more educated. Thank you all for putting up with me.

  • Happy birthday!

  • Happy birthday!!!

  • :birthday:

    Have fun on your special day!

  • Happy Birthday! :D

  • Happy birthday! <3

  • Kind of creepy how you come back somewhere and everything's changed yet stayed the same...

  • Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day.

  • wordwing
    Nov 21, 2017

    Oh, my... Is that...- Vincent van Gogh?

    TheStormAroundMe It is! A lot of him, actually.
    Nov 21, 2017

    wordwing *Fanboys*(is that a thing?) I like his paintings.
    Anyway, I've seen your post about you in need for a slovakian translator(I can understand it but I am not from that country so sorry :(, but if you need a translation for another slavic language feel free to ask. Maybee I can help. Have a good day!

    Nov 21, 2017

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  • TheStormAroundMe
    Nov 21, 2017

    when you come back to YWS after an hiatus and read your old writing


  • Happy birthday!

    TheStormAroundMe Thanks!
    Aug 8, 2017

  • Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day.

    TheStormAroundMe Thank you!
    Aug 7, 2017

  • TheStormAroundMe
    Aug 6, 2017

    I wrote a little essay-ish thing as a play on one of my poems. Reviews are appreciated! :)

    titles are as overrated as my talent

  • I just read the first paragraph of your biography and literally said "Oh my god I love this chick already."

    I'm in love with acting and writing. If I can't write, I wanna act. If I act, I wanna direct. I'm the kid who bosses everyone around in drama class saying "Shouldn't you do this? I think it fits the script more." or "I think you're saying it wrong. It has to be said more like this."

    TheStormAroundMe Same! People tell me it's annoying, so I've tried to keep it to a minimum. But c'mon, Marvin is DEVESTATED about Whizzer. SHOW ME THAT!
    Jul 15, 2017

  • I would love to be and actor, author, and artist as well! But luckily, I would also like to be a vet and lawyer, so I have safer options.
    As for your voice being breathy, my singing teacher for when I was in a play, had two ways of helping.
    Sit in a chair, bend down so your chest is on you lap, and breath. That's the way your breathing should feel when you're singing. And try to breath without raising your shoulders up.
    I hope you succeed with your goals!

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