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  • Hey gang, it's been way too long. I hope everyone is doing okay on here through this pandemic. Just wanted to check in and say that I'll be published for the first time on June 10, 2022 and I'm very excited! My website is up, the cover is done, theme song is out, and much more exciting news coming in 2022!


    lliyah wow, how neat! Congratulations!
    Nov 23, 2021

    IceWinifredd @alliyah Thank you so much! I'm super excited! :)
    Nov 24, 2021

  • IceWinifredd
    Jan 24, 2021


    New author Interview with Pink Cloud 9 Productions up now on YouTube! Check it out and stay tuned for more!

  • Happy cake day!! *hands you large cake and throws confetti*

    IceWinifredd Thank you so much! Hoe have you been?
    Jan 24, 2021

  • Happy Cake Day! :D

    IceWinifredd Thank you so much! I hope you're doing well!
    Jan 24, 2021

  • Happy birthday!

    IceWinifredd Thank you!
    Sep 23, 2020

  • Happy cake day!

    IceWinifredd Thank you!
    Jun 1, 2020

  • Happy cake day! XD

    IceWinifredd Thanks!
    Jun 1, 2020

  • Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day.

    IceWinifredd Thanks! I did!
    Oct 17, 2018

  • IceWinifredd
    Jul 4, 2018

    Hey guys!
    I have a question. How do you feel about Fanfiction? I have been wanting to write a Yu Yu Hakusho fanfiction for a few years now but have always hesitated since it's not in my writing alley. What do you think? Also, for those of you who do specialize in FF, what are some tips to follow? Thanks.

    Mageheart You should go for it! Fanfiction is a lot of fun to write, and it never fails to make me fall even more in love with the story I'm writing the fic for. I wouldn't say that I specialize in fanfiction, but I've been writing it for years so I'll try my best to give you advice.

    My first bit of advice is that you're always be worrying about making your characters out of character - if you don't know what that is, it's when your characters don't act like they do in the actual story. A lot of the time, you'll find that you're worried about nothing. But if you're really worried about it, you can always rewatch/reread the source material, or even get someone to be a beta reader! I haven't had one before, but some of my friends have and their beta readers have helped them changed moments where the characters weren't acting like themselves.

    My second piece of advice is not to get discouraged if you don't get a lot of feedback. Smaller fandoms tend to get less comments on their works no matter what the site you post it on, while bigger fandoms get countless reviews. If you're in the smaller fandom, don't give up hope. There are people reading your stuff out there, and you'll always have at least one really dedicated fan!

    My last piece of advice is to treat it like a regular story. Figure out where you want to start and end it, and what exactly you want to tell. The only difference about fanfictions is that the reader already knows how the world works and who the majority of the characters are, so not as much time needs to be spent on the exposition of the story.

    I hope that helps! And if you ever have any questions, feel free to come to me.

    Jul 5, 2018

  • IceWinifredd
    Oct 31, 2017

    Thanks for the birthday wishes guys and Happy Halloween! Eek! So excited for horror movies and candy!!!

  • Happy Birthday!

  • Happy birthday! I hope you have a wonderful day.

  • IceWinifredd
    Jul 15, 2017

    Just genuinely want to know how everyone is doing today. Anything interesting this summer?

    Love Hey Winnie :] I'm good! What about you? I'm looking for a cool software engineering job while studying robotics and machine learning ^_^
    Jul 15, 2017

    SnowGhost Good. We just finished a water fight at our block party so that's cool. How are you
    Jul 15, 2017

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  • Happy birthday, @IceWinifredd! I hope you have an awesome day! :D

    IceWinifredd Thanks so much @Mage! I really appreciate it! :D
    Aug 16, 2016

    Mageheart You're welcome! :D
    Aug 16, 2016

  • Call of the Zodiac: Chapters 1 & 2 have been uploaded. Have a great night everybody! I'm beat!

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