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Hi! I'm erilea, but to be honest, I tend to go more by Asteria online nowadays (I'm too lazy to change it). I'm seventeen years old and this is my ninth (?) year on YWS, which makes me feel kinda nostalgic. I don't get around to reviewing much anymore, but I'll still publish some poems here and there. (Sorry about that. I still love you all.)

I mainly write poems, although writing fanfictions laid a foundation for my love of writing. I'm okay at short stories. Writing for me is more of an outlet than anything, and there's honestly nothing more satisfying than turning some jumble of emotions into a piece I'm proud of (at least for a couple of days, until I revisit it and become horrified at its lackluster quality.)

If you want to talk about K-pop (I will never shut up), Genshin Impact (I need to touch grass), or, inexplicably, my eight-year-long Percy Jackson phase that kickstarted my interest in the classics, I'm always available. Otherwise, have a great day and keep writing! :D


Reading, writing, piano, tennis, the classics, K-pop, Genshin Impact. I really dug into the dregs of society for some of these, huh.



If you don't know where you're going, any road'll take you there.
— George Harrison