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FIRST OFF: I am not funny, I am chill.

SECOND OFF: Be something, don't sit there like your opinion doesn't matter. MINE DOES. About me doesn't really matter, you can tell a person by the way they write. From my writing, I'm not simple, and I'm sure as hell am not complex.

Through my writing It can be dark, and it can feel like Deja vu, but behind that writing, I'm mixed with my style. Days I feel happy and frilly willy nilly and those times in my writing you will feel the sun set at your feet. But I can also be dark and if you read my work you will see. The umbrella will hover over you, with shadows graying and it gets lonely. But it gets better I know for sure.

Some people say they write for themselves, but if you are then why is it up here on this site? You write because it's free-willing and people need to hear your mind shout out! Write for you, but when a comment you don't like hits you. Remember you posted it, and you saw it coming.

About me doesn't matter, it's the writing that counts.


Reading, writing, sleeping, walking OH OH and watching horror movies. Texting. Shopping and spending time with friends and loved ones.


Nothing is impossible, for the word itself says, 'I'm possible!'
— Audrey Hepburn