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Live...Love...Freedom....and Unicorns!

I'm an abnormal 14 year old girl! I love writing novels and have just recently began writing poems! My favorite author is Wayne Thomas Batson! My favorite artist would have to be Jason Mraz. And when it comes to youtube, there's no one better than the Piano Guys! The inspiration of my most recent novel would be Wayne Thomas Batson! If I could make one wish it would be that I would find someone that shares my interests and would love me forever, that would be jealous over me and remind me every day of his love! But heck with that...


Writing, violin, reading, piano, friends, cooking....and SHERLOCK!


I hope to be an author or engineer someday, but for now it's just teaching music!

The reason a boat sinks isn't the water around it. It sinks when water gets into it. Don't let what's happening around you weigh you down.
— dalisay