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    Apr 18, 2022

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    Apr 18, 2020

    Happy birthday!

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    Apr 18, 2020

    Happy birthday!!!

  • Dark Fact: Humanity is genetically predisposed to violence, in fact most species are, though how violent they are of course depends on their environment. The environment of early humans for example was incredibly harsh, so every single person you know, and yourself included likely have the capacity for horrific acts of violence if you ever experienced the right trigger. This of course is a well known and often referenced concept in movies such as the purge.

    But what if I told you everything I said above was a lie? That the real dark fact is that humanity is actually quite harmless in most situations. Our capacity for violence for the sake of survival is quite strong, but in terms of general behavior, we have so few triggers that we are perhaps one of the least violent mammals on the planet, in part because of our culture, but in general our instincts are more focused on social engineering, making sure we are as likely to work together as possible. With the biggest issue being the instinct that makes us fear/hate people who are different.

    A instinct that makes sense if you have ever studied how the military works, one soldier out of order can kill the whole platoon. So of coursed the ones who survived the harshest points in human history would be the ones who instinctively stuck to groups that matched themselves, or had the instinct to match themselves to the group to fit in.

    TL;DR: Humans aren't just killing machines like horror movies claim, in fact, if not for a few instincts designed to push out dissonance, (which is likely what caused racism and sexism to become a thing), we would probably be one of the most peaceful mammals on the planet.

  • "Are video games art?"

    Let me answer your question with a question, is this art?


    Is this art?


    Then, just to check the frienges, how about this.

    "I mean it's not my thing, but yeah."

    Then we are in agreement, video games are art.

    "I didn't say that."

    We both agreed that in all three of the cases I bought up that a single image, regardless of the motive that made it, qualifies as art.

    The average video game is built out of thousands of images, even ignoring all of the other bits and pieces, only someone who has no idea what a video game is, should ever be left unsure. At which point if they actually care, they will find their answer within 3 seconds of googling how video games are made.

    Video games are art, just as much as any other form of creativity.

    Ramble over.

  • Fun fact: In many states in the USA, if you are a bad enough tipper, and frequently go to the same restaurants, you could be blacklisted from many places where the employees rely on those tips for their wages.

    Or if they don't do that, they will put you on a low priority list, where they will not bother to server you until everyone else and everything else is handled. To try to discourage you from ever going to that restaurant again.

  • Fun fact: Lip reading is not very accurate in most languages, as many words and letters look very similar. In fact a few are exactly the same in English for example. You need a lot of context clues to figure out what people are saying even if you're really good at reading lips.

  • "Why is obesity such a problem in the usa?"

    Because most of the population is on the low side of 'middle class', both parents working, sometimes two jobs.

    Meaning you need to cheap out where you can. For example, I grew up in a family where, to save money we would buy something in bulk that when cooked can last a week, and just eat that as leftovers the whole week. Not healthy, but easy and cheap.

    How can you get a weeks worth of food for a family of 5 that's a decent size and taste okay under 200 bucks? You resort to unhealthy food.

    The US population is fairly active, (too active job wise according to statistical data), but without easy access to cheap healthy food, people will resort to the alternative.

    To extend into this, your food pantry would love it if you stopped donating old cupcakes, and cans of ravioli and started donating money so they could buy fruits and vegetables to hand out more. Most of those places have deals with local farmers that allow them to buy that stuff at stupid low prices.

  • 7% of the worlds pollution is created from the manufacturing of concrete.

  • Fun fact: In the USA, we have Poor, Lower lower middle class, Lower middle class, Middle Class, Upper Middle Class, Upper Upper Middle class, and finally rich.

    You now know why most of the USA is Middle class.

  • Casanova
    Jun 23, 2019


    Zolen is a root thing
    Jun 23, 2019

    Casanova are you sure
    Jun 23, 2019

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