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  • carbonCore
    Jan 21, 2015

    psst do you still exist

    skorlir sort of :)
    Mostly on github tho

    Jan 23, 2015

    carbonCore o: what kind of projects are you working on? What language?
    Jan 23, 2015

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  • did you know YWS has nipples?


    carbonCore A fellow obsessive-compulsive Inspect Tool user. I like you.
    Aug 20, 2014

  • I remember Quibbles! It was my favorite thing to read!
    And no need to apologize. ;)
    That review was brilliant.

    skorlir Nonsense and flattery, all of it!
    never stop

    Aug 17, 2014

  • Found a fun notification in the source code of YWS's homepage.

    catch (e) {
    alert("Your browser broke!");
    return false;

    Has anyone actually had this happen? ;)

  • It's pretty hard to tell what's happening in my portfolio since the organization is total nonsense.

    So yeah, I posted a poerm. Here it, erm... is.
    Erm. Poerm.

  • O.o

    Your reviews are amazing :3

    skorlir Aww shucks. No, the people I write them for are amazing. (Otherwise I wouldn't bother.)
    Aug 17, 2014

  • I read half a review of yours and I think I like you. Speaking of which, what's your avatar of?

    skorlir It's a T-shirt, originally. I'm not sure where to get one, or where I found the image, but I remember I had to crop it to fit within YWS's avatar size. :)

    And what review did you read half of?

    Aug 11, 2014

  • Congrats on getting your third star!! :D *throws confetti* (my confetti is much better than the confetti in your gif :P)

  • alliyah Congratulations!!!
    Aug 11, 2014

    Hannah Congratulations~ congratulations~
    Aug 11, 2014

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  • skorlir Yessss... This will do nicely.
    Aug 11, 2014

  • skorlir
    Aug 11, 2014


    skorlir [quote=skorlir]fdnslajfklds[/quote]
    Aug 17, 2014

  • skorlir
    Aug 11, 2014


  • small small small... but readable?

What praise is more valuable than the praise of an intelligent servant?
— Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice