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  • Sorry for the silence! Had five days of Comic Con over here in Cape Town, so have been very busy the last two weeks, helping with con-prep, and the actual con itself XD

    Was awesome! Got to support a lot of amazing artists, got a gorgeous new set of dice for our current DnD character, and got to hang out with some of our awesome friends :D We don't go in cosplay, as we are usually the handler for our friends, carrying bags, making sure everyone stays hydrated, taking photos, etc, so can't really dress in cosplay and do that :)

    Now, to save up money to go to ComicCon Africa later this year XD

  • hey pilgrims! this is momo (you probably remember me as LordMomo or MomoMajesty). i had missed your return to yws, so just wanted to pop in and say it's good to have you all back! :)

    ThePatchworkPilgrims Heyo Momo!!! We still remember you as LordMomo omw! Hi! Glad to see another old face still being around :D :)
    Apr 23, 2024

  • The mighty Elder Phoenix Ninatoq, the Emanator of Fire, was reborn last night in our latest DnD session :D Our players were desperately protecting the phoenix egg in an active volcano while fighting one of the four main antagonists of the campaign, but then ended up rebirthing the Elder Phoenix instead (only almost dying in the process XD). They had one round left before the rising lava wouldve started becoming a serious threat (those dotted lines are the rings of the lava rising each round), so it was definitely a tense affair XD

    One of our players paints all the minis for our group, so when I found this phoenix figurine at a Ren Fair, we just knew we had to buy it so we could use it in our campaign :)


  • You never realise how much you use a letter until that letter breaks on your keyboard XD Of all the letters that could decide to no longer want to work, the letter P (along with the key for quotation marks) has proven quite annoying to have to work around.

    And while we can just copy a p from somewhere else and just keep pasting it (like we did now), it becomes annoying when you need a capital p, or if we need to use apostrophes or quotation marks, since we can only have one of them copied at any time -_-

  • hello!! i actually don't think i've met you all before xD so it's very nice to meet you, The PatchworkPilgrims! :D i saw your previous names in your signature, and i must say, the alliteration is excellent ;)

    ThePatchworkPilgrims Buongiorno @Spearmint! We have not met, yeee (think you joined as we were fading away way back when XD). It is an honour to meet you too :D *bows* Look forward to being acquainted with you.

    Also, yeeee, we originally planned to have a username for each letter of the alphabet XD But dont want to change it anymore (something nostalgic about this one, especially since all our friends call us Patch or Patches irl too :) )

    Apr 8, 2024

    Spearmint i look forward to being acquainted with you as well! :]

    and ooooh i see XD Patches is a neat nickname! ^-^

    Apr 8, 2024

  • We started a new story arc in the DnD group we play in on Sundays (the only one we are a player in. We DM both our other groups XD). New character is a Centaur Druid/Sorcerer, and already they have almost accidentally caused the destruction of the food supplies of a port town :D

    Interested to see how this character plays, as she is so much different from our previous one (who retired at the end of the last arc)

  • Hey everyone!!! We have created our first Storybook in years to celebrate our return to the site!

    If you would be interested in joining, please take a look over here. This Totally Normal Neighborhood is sure to be filled with very intriguing characters ;)

    Gosh it felt nice setting up and writing a new Storybook after so long!

    Ley Welcome back <3
    Apr 6, 2024

    ThePatchworkPilgrims Thanks @Leya :3 Excited to actually get back into Storybooking :D
    Apr 6, 2024

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  • hello !! it's nice to meet some oldies!!

    ThePatchworkPilgrims Why hello there Herbal! We are very glad to see that there is still some new faces here to make us feel welcome!
    Apr 6, 2024

  • Happy Cake day :D

    ThePatchworkPilgrims Grazie mille Hkumar :D Knowing people are still giving us cake on this day is very kind :)
    Apr 4, 2024

  • Happy Yws-iversary!!! I hope you have an amazing day! 🎂🕯️

    ThePatchworkPilgrims Merci beaucoup, beaucupid :p Greatly appreciated :D
    Apr 4, 2024

  • CapybarasAndCoffee
    Apr 4, 2024


    ThePatchworkPilgrims Thank you kindly :D We appreciate the cake :p We absolutely love all cakes, so yeee ~S
    Apr 4, 2024

  • Oh heck. We hadn't even noticed that we returned so close to our actual cake day XD To think that 11 years ago, we stumbled upon this wonderful site while sitting at the library computers wasting time waiting for our ride to choir rehearsal.

    True, we only really became active a year later when we started venturing into Storybooks for the first time. Little did we know that we would fall in love with that style of writing, and get sucked into a world of pure imagination.

    We hope to return to Storybooks eventually. We just need to reacquaint ourself with how everything operates, but yeee. :D

  • Happy cake day!

    ThePatchworkPilgrims Thanks Flame! :D Cant believe after all this time, we return, and people actually still congratulate us on our cake day :)
    Apr 4, 2024

  • Dusts off the old tomes and bones. Looks around the Magical Broomcloset and sighs with nostalgia.

    My my, what a surprise this will be for those few souls who still remember us (and are still around to actually remember us XD). It has been... 3? 4 years? Since we last ventured these hallowed halls, and much has happened in those years.

    We got a job as a teacher for special needs high school kids end of 2021. It was great initially, and we loved working with the kids and teaching, like we had done when we were at university. However, after a year of working with kids, each with their own challenges and special needs, and getting no support from upper management, we got mentally drained and left to a new job, where we have been since.

    That new job has also had its ups and its downs. While we have learned a lot from this job, and gained experience in countless of valuable skills, we are currently in the process of looking on to newer pastures, where we hope we can finally be happy.

    We also fell in love. Hard. It felt amazing, but also painful, since sadly while our love was sincere, it was not reciprocated, and eventually changed instead into the love one has for a close friend. We have recently fallen in love yet again, and this time it feels more real... more tangible... more alive.

    And it is because of that that we have returned here :D Having only known this beautiful soul for a short while now, we have felt all our passions and hobbies reignite. We have started writing again, after two years of almost no writing. We have started working on a completely new world for our tabletop Rpg games. We have started singing and making music again. We have started pursuing our hobby in photography to potentially turn it into a career. We have started cosplaying again. Heck we have even gone iceskating again for the first time in five years...
    All because of one person.

    And thats the gist of why we have returned. We will admit that we have missed this site, which we once called home, a lot over the years, and hope that this time we can actually make it stick XD I know many of those who knew us have moved on by now most likely, but if you are still here, hello old friends. We have missed you all.

    Hkumar Hey! Welcome back :D Glad to know you all have made so much progress <3. That's definitely a lot hobbies you have started and it's a great achievement. Hope to see you all active around the site ;)
    Apr 3, 2024

    ThePatchworkPilgrims Thank you @Hkumar :D Excited to be back, so want to try our best to become more active here again :) Also excited to share more on our hobbies and how they're growing/progressing
    Apr 3, 2024

  • winterwolf0100
    Dec 22, 2021

    Happy birthdayyy!!

I'll actually turning 100 soon
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