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CAUTION! Danger...


I am really not the best when it comes to describing myself… Because there's still a lot more I need to find about me...

I love every sweet in this world as long as it's home made! My goodness they are so amazing! Chocolates though I would avoid, they have taste enhancers in them so... Nah And may other products that have taste enhancers

I don't like coffee and cold drinks...

I am kind of a morning person usually (not in vacations though)…

I love playing every kind of sport and sometimes I get really addicted.

I used to be a multi-tasker but since that didn't work out fine I stick to just one thing at a time now or maybe just two, not more though

I love making friends <3

This isn't it! There's so many more things but I don't really want to waste more of your time. Now go do something useful :P


Let's see, hmm I love enjoying but who doesn't? I love martial arts, video games, making different types of hairstyles, knowing about anything and everything I can, reading (of course), I don't really like music anymore... and old songs are just unbearable... and doing new things (now this includes everything I have never done) I love that


A student though I wouldn't mind becoming a writer, doctor, baker and a Olympic gold medalist at this age...


Every time someone steps up and says who they are, the world becomes a better, more interesting place.
— Captain Raymond Holt